NHP Committee Minutes 23 Feb 2016


23rd of February 2016, 8:15 PM The Knoll, Maulden


  1. Julie
  2. Roger (Observer and invited from Maulden parish council)
  3. Simon
  4. David
  5. Alan M

Apologies for absence

  • Alan P


This being the inaugural meeting there were no previous minutes to be accepted.


Those present introduce themselves, and they set of contact arrangements were exchanged by which members can be contacted and communicate with each other.

Purpose of Meeting

The purpose of the meeting was to form a group which could assist the parish council in creating a neighbourhood plan, or, alternatively, a parish plan, for the benefit of the parish as a whole.

Agreement to Agenda

The agenda … Continue Reading ››

NHP Minutes – 29 June 2016

MAULDEN PARISH NEIGHBOURHOOD PLAN STEERING GROUP Minutes of the 3rd meeting - 29 June 2016 Held at 15 The Knoll, Maulden, 20:00hrs


  1. David Bailey (Chair)
  2. Julie Shepherd (Vice Chair)
  3. Alan Plom (Sec)
  4. Simon Barnes (Treasurer)
  5. Andrew Draycott
  6. Marilyn Caves
  1. Patricia Bragg
  2. Cllr Roger Ball (Maulden Parish Council)
  3. Cllr Christine Inskip (Maulden Parish Council)

Apologies for absence

  1. Cllr Philip Jackson (Maulden Parish Council)
  2. Cllr Jayne Walker (Maulden Parish Council – not available Wednesdays)
  3. Cllr Paul Downing (Central Beds Council)
  4. Robbie Locke


DB welcomed AD and PB to the Group and outlined the … Continue Reading ››

NHP Minutes – 31 May 2016



Minutes of the 2nd meeting - 31 May 2016 Held at 15 The Knoll, Maulden, 19:30hrs Present
  1. David Bailey (Chair)
  2. Alan Plom (Sec)
  3. Julie Shepherd
  4. Simon Barnes
  5. Robbie Locke
  6. Marilyn Caves
  7. Cllr Philip Jackson   }
  8. Cllr Roger Ball   } Observers (Maulden Parish Council)
  9. Cllr Christine Inskip }
 Apologies for absence
  • Jayne Walker (Observer, also invited from Maulden Parish Council, Planning Committee)
  • Andrew Draycott
  1. DB explained the status of the Group and agreed to act as Chair.
  2. Following his comprehensive (and very well-received) presentation to Maulden Parish … Continue Reading ››

Neighbourhood Plan Presentation to the Parish Council

2016 April 11 Maulden Parish v3
proposal for NHP
proposal for NHP
This is the presentation given to the Parish Council, and the residents who attended on 11 April 2016 Some of the resources used to create this are in the following links
Neighbourhood Planning – complete plans and tools for all new plans   http://www.ourneighbourhoodplanning.org.uk/resources/documents/29
What is Neighbourhood Planning? - RTPI   http://www.rtpi.org.uk/planning-aid/planning-explained/briefing-notes-and-guides/
2010 to 2015 government policy: planning reform - GOV.UK   https://www.gov.uk/government/publications/2010-to-2015-government-policy-planning-reform/2010-to-2015-government-policy-planning-reform
What is neighbourhood planning? | Planning Practice ...   http://planningguidance.communities.gov.uk/blog/guidance/neighbourhood-planning/what-is-neighbourhood-planning/
Planning Portal - Neighbourhood planning   http://www.planningportal.gov.uk/inyourarea/neighbourhood/
Planning Advisory Service Neighbourhood planning   http://www.pas.gov.uk/neighbourhood-planning
My Community – Neighbourhood Planning   http://mycommunity.org.uk/programme/neighbourhood-planning/
Complete plan http://www.lindfieldparishcouncil.gov.uk/Core/LindfieldPC/Pages/Neighbourhood_Plan_2.aspx   http://www.lindfieldparishcouncil.gov.uk/Core/LindfieldPC/Pages/Neighbourhood_Plan_Focus_Group_Documents_2.aspx

Maulden Parish Council Election 2015

Parish Council Elections

Many of you will not think of your Parish Council from one month to the next, but they are incredibly important to the village and how it runs and how it will develop. Please, if you are going to vote, vote for your parish councillors of choice this year in the Maulden Parish Council Election 2015. The more people who vote, the more credible the councillors are and the more incentive they have to really work hard for the whole community. We believe that the questions you should ask of any candidate are these: Will you help this village of Maulden to:
  1. Enhance the spirit of the Maulden Village community through everything you do
  2. Deliver positive growth and change to the benefit … Continue Reading ››

A Voice For Maulden village – Welcome!

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