Maulden Parish Council AGM

Maulden Parish Council AGM

All Don't miss the Maulden Parish Council AGM on Monday 19th May Details on the Coop notice Board. Election of Chair Public questions A good chance to see how the village is run (also, oddly, the notice of the meeting was signed by the Secretary on 18th May 2012, which made me smile)  
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European Parliamentary Election – 22 May 2014

European Parliamentary Election - 22 May 2014 between the hours of 7am and 10pm

Whatever your views on Europe, you have a right to vote and make your vote count.

Central Bedfordshire Council is part of the Eastern Region, for information regarding the European Elections please see the Chelmsford City Councils European Election web page.

Notice of Election - European Election (PDF 26KB)

What are the European Elections?

The UK is divided into 12 regions, and each has a certain number of Members of the European Parliament (MEPs) depending on the population of that region.

Our region is the Eastern Region. It spans from St Albans to Norfolk and Southend-on-Sea to Cambridge and has … Continue Reading ››

Mission Statement

A Mission Statement for Maulden Village Voice

" Maulden - welcoming, safe, happy. Maulden Village Voice exists to help enable an inclusive, respectful and safe community for everyone in and around Maulden Village. "

[read down to vote for / against]

This  question has arisen a few times recently: "why do you do this?" meaning "why do you and so many people spend so much effort in social media, this website and campaigning for the village"? That question should be answered, as without a clear and understood reason, other individuals and groups are likely to misunderstand (or worse: misrepresent) the motivation and meaning of any volunteer organisation. So, by way of a "straw man" offering, here is one good reason why so many people have recently started to put so much effort … Continue Reading ››
Maulden Kingswood Sign

The Kingswood in spring.

Many people are aware of Maulden Woods and the Duck End nature reserve, quite probably, because they are all within a five-minute walk of easy parking. The Kingswood demands a little more walking, most of it uphill, to get there from anywhere in the village. Situated right on the crest of the Greensand Ridge, it marks the visual boundary between Maulden and the Bedford levels on one side, of the farms of Ampthill on another, and of Houghton Conquest on the 3rd side.

The Kingswood, Bedfordshire

It is a truly ancient woodland, and is listed in all of the national registers. The reserve is an important area of ancient semi-natural woodland.  Some maps are tempted to suggest that it is in Houghton Conquest, while others put it squarely in Maulden. … Continue Reading ››
Crime Reduction needed

Crime Reduction

We can all help with Crime Reduction.

There has been a lot of talk on the village forums in the last few months about the risks of crime and in particular the risk of burglary. Would it surprise you to learn that simple things that society could do can reduce everybody’s chances of being the victim of crime to about 1/2 of the current rate? Would it surprise you to learn that some houses have a risk of being burgled of 0.71 while the safest have a risk of 0.001  (a factor of 700 times)? The monetary value of an average burglary is low (probably around £2000), but it costs about £50,000 to investigate and clean up. That is not the real cost to our village, though. Burglary is an insidious crime – it breaks … Continue Reading ››
Maulden Scouts head for World Scout Jamboree in 2015

Maulden Scouts head for World Scout Jamboree in 2015

Three members of Badger Hill Scouts have been lucky enough to be chosen to attend the 23rd World Scout Jamboree in Japan next year.  Katherine Reaper, from Silsoe, will join her Maulden colleagues Abigail Jackson and Jeremy Young, along with Scout Leader Helen Draycott in the Bedfordshire contingent. They were three of only 27 selected from the county, following a highly competitive selection process, involving a written application, interview and observation at a weekend camp.  Part of the bargain is that each jamboreer has undertaken to raise £3,500 to fund their 3 weeks in Japan; this figure includes a contribution to help Scouts from less affluent countries attend.

Learning Japanese

In the lead up to July 2015 the Bedfordshire unit have regular team building/traiing weekends with the 9 Anglia … Continue Reading ››

A Voice For Maulden village – Welcome!

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