Maulden Parish Council Election 2015

Parish Council Elections

Many of you will not think of your Parish Council from one month to the next, but they are incredibly important to the village and how it runs and how it will develop. Please, if you are going to vote, vote for your parish councillors of choice this year in the Maulden Parish Council Election 2015. The more people who vote, the more credible the councillors are and the more incentive they have to really work hard for the whole community. We believe that the questions you should ask of any candidate are these: Will you help this village of Maulden to:
  1. Enhance the spirit of the Maulden Village community through everything you do
  2. Deliver positive growth and change to the benefit … Continue Reading ››

Safer Maulden Meeting April 2015

Safer Maulden Village Meeting

Tuesday 28th April 6pm – 7.30pm – Baptist Church Hall

Introductions & Chair – Saqhib Ali

Organiser – Paul Ives 32 villagers in attendance Chris Swallow – Ampthill Fire Station – guest speaker CS said that he had been working closely with Paul Ives with regards to traffic issues in Maulden. On the day of their last meeting he was called to Maulden where a car had left the road by The Bothy. CS is very aware of the issues in Maulden and is keen to add his weight to any opportunity the village may have to put across the issues of traffic in the village.

 Gretel Nevolls – SpeedWatch – guest speaker

GN ran through the stats for the village from the SpeedWatch group which included

Bedford Road Safety Week 17 – 23 Nov

Road Safety Week

Road Safety Week (17-23 November 2014) is the UK's biggest road safety event, involving thousands of schools, organisations and community groups every year.
road safety week
road safety week
Brake, the road safety charity who are coordinating this week are asking everyone to look out for each other on roads, because being selfish can easily lead to tragedy.  They are particularly calling on drivers to protect people on foot and bike by slowing down to 20mph in communities, looking longer and taking it slow at junctions and bends, and giving people plenty of room. They are also calling on everyone to put safety first and be considerate to one another, encouraging people on foot and bike to … Continue Reading ››

If You Go Down To The Woods? Fungi!

It is the end of the season of fungi in our local woods, and you may have missed a few of our more spectacular fungal examples.  Maulden is on acid sands and shares its distinctive flora with places like Dorset. Have  look down as you walk and see what fungi you can still see.

The Famous Ones?

Fly Argaric - Agaricus muscarius, the epithet deriving from the Latin ‘musca’, or ‘fly’, apparently referring to its use in parts of Europe as an insecticide, crushed in milk for attracting and killing flies. It is amongst the most iconic of the toadstools, commonly depicted in children’s books and on Christmas cards around the world. It is highly distinctive and, at least when fresh and in good condition, can hardly be confused … Continue Reading ››

Allotments. Summer 2014

Maulden Allotments in Summer.

Photos taken August 2014.   In stark contrast to winter, summer time down the allotments provide a infinite  supply of visual stimuli (as well as an almost infinite supply of fruit and veg for the growers). I struggled to whittle down the photos to a short list that could be used in this gallery as there were so many good ones to choose from. Difficult to choose a favorite, but I really like the ones with the swirling smoke in the background and the colours produced by the late evening sunshine. The pile of wood lent against a shed has taken on a different appearance with a plant pot placed upside down on one of the pieces. I chose to go down at the end of the … Continue Reading ››

A Voice For Maulden village – Welcome!

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