Entrepreneurs in Maulden are busy and successful

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Maulden, More Entrepreneurs Than You Might Think

Looking at the village, from outside, or driving down the Ampthill Road, one would be forgiven for seeing Maulden as a sleepy little village surrounded by arable fields and a pleasant woodland. It may come as a shock, therefore, to many when they discover the depth of business talent and activity in the area.

Maulden Village 2014 hidden entrepreneurs

A quick survey of people in the pub would reveal that the common perception is that there are 20 or 30 businesses in the village. It does not take long to find that the best internet “find a business” list had 41 companies operating in Maulden.

It would not be too hard to become convinced that the village is split between old farms and modern commuters who just shuttle in and out of London via Flitwick and Arlesley railway stations.


So it was staggering when, in just 48 hours, the Maulden Voice Facebook Group was able to find over 110 entrepreneurs operating businesses in Maulden. That is a small batallion of entrepreneurs, a couple of hundred jobs, and quite significant wealth creation in what initially appeared to be a quiet, sleepy, rural village.


And it is not just the numbers that staggered us: it was the huge variety of businesses. In size they range from one person ventures to significant engineering companies with moderate work forces. In activity we have almost everything: make up artists and fitness, computer specialists and business advisors, agro-business and motor  mechanics, tattoo parlour and pet care, candy floss and chimney sweeps, plumbers, decorators and builders.

What This Means

This has significant impact on village life – these villages provide wealth, services and employment opportunities for many. They keep the village “busy” and thereby make it a safer place to live and work. It brings in investment from outside, while encouraging local businesses to “keep it close” when they invest.

The range of services is so large that many domestic and business needs can be serviced from within the village, if only we knew where to look.

Buy Local Support Maulden Entrepreneurs

A Big List

And, finally, with that in mind, we put a list together and put it on line.

The Maulden Business and Entrepreneurs List 

So, next time you drive or walk through Maulden, have  thought to the industry and entreprenurs who work here, and consider asking one of them to work for you instead of just picking the first name off a Google List.

Any More?

We suspect we have missed a few businesses. We know we have not included all the local farms (and they are large businesses in their own rights). We look forward to getting links and contact details for those businesses that we have only outline information for.

Looking ahead

Having a good measure of the business and employment strength of Maulden is an important step towards ensuring that the village, and its entrepreneurs, get all the support, infrastructure, and profile that they are entitled to for all the hard work that they do.

Business Editor Needed!

Do we have a volunteer to  carry this forward for the village and create a real business awareness program for Maulden? Its entrepreneurs need you!