Maulden Social Demographics

maulden demographics

Who Lives Here – The Social Demographics

The breakdown of Maulden’s social demographics from the 2011 census shows us that Maulden has…

A higher than average number of households occupied by pensioners.

A lower than average number of single parent households with dependant children.

A higher than average number of households occupied by couples with dependant children.

Maulden Household Composition


Approximately 1/4 of the 1290 dwellings in Maulden are made up of families with dependant children and approximately 1/4 are occupied by pensioners.

Maulden has a lower than average amount of social housing.

Maulden Home Ownership


A higher than average percentage of it’s residents are white British.

 Maulden Ethnic Origin


Maulden Census 2011

Information taken from the 2011 Census. Full details can be found at

Author: Roger Ball

Maulden resident, Parish Councillor and Maulden Neighbourhood Plan participant

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