December Crime Map Updated

Dec 2013 Amphill Area Crime Map

UK Crime Maps

The UK  Crime Map has been updated for December 2013 and shows just 12 events in total for Maulden in that month including just 3 burglaries.

  • 2 Near Flitwick Road – Burglary, Vehicle Crime
  • 3 Near Sandy Acres – antisocial / public disorder offences
  • 2 Near George St – Burglary,  criminal damage
  • 2 Near The Knoll – shoplifting
  • 1 Near Cobbits Road – burglary
  • 1 Near Redhills Close – other theft

It also looks like there has been a revision to the November Statistics as well – with 8 events including 3 burglaries (near Kings Road, near Chestnut Cres and near Church Road now showing)

This brings the official statistics to just 6 burglaries in Maulden in the “mini-crime wave” just before Christmas 2013.

We look forward to understanding how the official figures were collected and collated, and how they reconcile with the information presented to the Maulden Voice Village Safety meeting earlier this year.

We hope that the Community Safety Group, when it forms this year, will be able to get further and better information on this and how the village residents can help prevent a recurrence.

What can you do?

Meanwhile there has never been a better time to join StreetWatch in this village.

Private admins only

Simple Home Safety Improvements

There is a comprehensive list of home safety tips on it Safer Homes Page and you can start with this simple checklist for your own home.

There is a handy checklist of home security features from a UK Council that you can print off and walk around your home, checking off points and highlighting the next steps you can take to secure your home. Every home in an area that is secured, and visibly secured, is likely to help reduce the risk to all the homes around it.

Don’t forget “hygiene” features that help deter criminals: keeping the borders of your property tidy, clean of litter, free of graffiti and obviously maintained really helps encourage criminals to “move on past” . Planting low, spiky, plants on the edges of gardens can help, especially below vulnerable rear windows.

Those things count double around the rear of the property, where lighting, fencing, gates, locks and visibility are often the weak point that lets criminals access a home.

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  1. two people have now asked the local police community team to help clarify this – more information soon, we hope

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