Feb 23, 2014 Short News Items

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Quick items in local news:


Barton doing as Maulden did in holding an “all village meeting” to respond to a spate of burglaries – local police and safety groups involved.

Resident Emma Andrew set up the meeting using the village’s Facebook page after people started voicing fears over burglaries.

For more, read Luton Today

We like this as it shows the power of social media to allow a village to respond quickly and constructively to an emerging issue .


Footpath from Clophill Road is subject of another appeal where the landowner wants to close it and the Council has refused in the past.

Mr Bowers, 74, of Clophill Road, has been trying to have the path removed from his land for 21 years, at a  cost of £100,000.

Read more: http://www.bedfordshire-news.co.uk/News/Maulden-footpath-case-set-to-go-before-another-inquiry-20140223170000.htm#ixzz2uAZZWF4C

This saga has been running for years, and Mr Bowers has set out his reasons in public in a long letter

This may not be so easy to resolve, as previous attempts to close the path have been vigorously objected to, with success, by local organisations

Maulden footpath number 28 had been illegally blocked by a fence, animal shelter, heap of animal dung, gate, fence and brick wall. Alan Bowers, the owner of land crossed by the path, built a house, number 123A Clophill Road, in 1996, even though he knew that the path had been added to the official map the previous year.

For the other side of the argument, read http://www.oss.org.uk/maulden-footpath-reopened-at-last/ 

Footpath at 123a Clophill Road - keep or remove?
Clophill end of Maulden, map
Clophill end of Maulden, map