A Mission Statement for Maulden Village Voice

Mission Statement

” Maulden – welcoming, safe, happy.
Maulden Village Voice exists to help enable an inclusive, respectful and safe community for everyone in and around Maulden Village. “

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This  question has arisen a few times recently: “why do you do this?” meaning “why do you and so many people spend so much effort in social media, this website and campaigning for the village”?

That question should be answered, as without a clear and understood reason, other individuals and groups are likely to misunderstand (or worse: misrepresent) the motivation and meaning of any volunteer organisation.

So, by way of a “straw man” offering, here is one good reason why so many people have recently started to put so much effort into

Draft Mission Statement

” Maulden – welcoming, safe, happy.
We enable an inclusive, respectful and safe community for everyone in and around Maulden Village. “

What a Mission Statement is

A mission statement is a statement that defines the essence or purpose of any organisation. It tells everyone what we stand for, and charities who could help us can understand the purpose of the organisation. It is part slogan and part a statement of intent.

Just as slogans and statements can be used in many ways, so too can a mission statement. Let us explain what we hope it will do.

Why we should have a Mission Statement

The mission statement gives our community a window on the reason we put together the organisation, and it is a means by which donors, partners, official bodies. It helps people understand what we will, and will not, do.

We will use it to measure our success, and we will invite others to judge us against our own mission statement.

We will use it when determining what to do. Given the huge range of things that Maulden Village Voice could do, and that other community safety groups do do, it is very important to have a simple test when trying to determine what we should do.

“Many people are good at talking about what they are doing, but in fact do little. Others do a lot but don't talk about it; they are the ones who make a community live.”. - Jean Vanier, Community And Growth

What we will do with our Mission Statement

The mission statement will help us all focus on the 5 core values of Maulden Village Voice:

  1. Enabling, providing a framework in which everyone can contribute and grow, not owning or micromanaging
  2. Inclusiveness, bringing everybody together, and excluding no one
  3. Respect, accepting everybody has a different view, and listening to those with direct experience.
  4. Safe, in that we mitigate and manage the risks to which we, as a rural village, are exposed.
  5. Community, where everyone is enriched by being part of something greater than themselves.

It is very much the case that is our intention to enable, motivate, and encourage rather than control, micromanage, or dictate. Thus we see ourselves – and those who will later join –  as adding to and enabling the existing village bodies.

It is not necessary to be a member of a particular group, social class, age, or family connection in order to benefit from, and play an active and valuable part in,  Maulden Village Voice. Everyone is invited, regardless of their background, the number of years they’ve lived in the village, or their personal circumstances.

We can use a clear Mission Statement to prepare ourselves to be able to manage the challenges that living in a rural village can throw at us: weather, crime, environmental damage, accidents, and the vicissitudes of life. It helps remind us why we are doing it when we face rebuttal, rejection and opposition. It reminds us to respect the opposing views and seek to learn from them. We are reminded to make things safer, without removing the essential adventure that makes life worth living; we look after ourselves, at least until emergency services arrive.

It is not necessary for us all to agree with each other to share a community other than on the one point: that it is important to be a positive and active part of the community. We intend to respect everybody’s views, whether or not they concur with our own. We are made richer by accepting a variety of points of view, experience, cultural background and perception.

So – A Question For The Village

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