Safer Maulden Meeting April 2015

Safer Maulden

Safer Maulden Village Meeting

Tuesday 28th April

6pm – 7.30pm – Baptist Church Hall

Introductions & Chair – Saqhib Ali

Organiser – Paul Ives

32 villagers in attendance

Chris Swallow – Ampthill Fire Station – guest speaker

CS said that he had been working closely with Paul Ives with regards to traffic issues in Maulden. On the day of their last meeting he was called to Maulden where a car had left the road by The Bothy. CS is very aware of the issues in Maulden and is keen to add his weight to any opportunity the village may have to put across the issues of traffic in the village.

 Gretel Nevolls – SpeedWatch – guest speaker

GN ran through the stats for the village from the SpeedWatch group which included

  • 365 vehicles over 35 mph
  • 36% more than 40mph
  • 10% more than 50mph
  • 7% more than 60mph
  • 23 cars caught more than once
  • And some seen using mobile also.

School hols – the same

GN was asked how these figures are escalated and at what point do the Police get involved. Apparently 3 letters are sent for repeat offenders then they receive a visit from the Police and action may be taken (see addendum below)*

Open Discussion

Saqhib Ali asked about rumble strips? Answer form the floor was that these are old tech – now use cameras mounted on lamp posts. One currently set up in the Brache

Chris Tate told the group that “buffer” 40 mph limits are coming in – in current national speed limits around the village. This will help slow traffic.

CT also commented that it was unnecessary for the SpeedWatch teams to erect temporary signs when they are scanning for speeders as we already have SpeedWatch signs on every entrance to the village. GN was unsure about this and asked CT to clarify this with her.

OSCAR – virtual car for kids to use. CS aware and Jayne Walker asked for OSCAR to be at Summer Fayre.

Discussions then ensued regarding which traffic calming measures we’d go for – these included Raised Crossings, Avg Speed Cameras, Speed cushions, chicanes and raised platforms. Also through raising awareness.

The floor had many questions for SA about the funds for SM. SA explained that the funds are safe in the charity account (about £6,200) and that there are new trustees to the fund – Simon Barnes and Paul Ives in addition to SA.

SA was asked why nothing had been done with the money to date – SA said that due to personal circumstances he had moved away from the village after having lived here with his family for 12 years or so. He had said that in 2006/7 he wanted to discuss using the money with the PC and that at the time they had refused to use the money that had been raised by the village. This is the reason it had been left in the account – where it still remains.

SA ran through figures of what villagers had asked for when quizzed 14 months ago. The floor asked how many people had been surveyed – 45 was the answer from SA.

It was asked if these funds could be “gifted” to the PC – it was explained by SA that this is not easy unless the charity trustees agree and the charity may then be dissolved. He also insisted that the money should be used for the reason that it was raised and for no other use.

Cllr Jamieson mentioned about the match funding by CBC each Jan/Feb of every year. The floor and the PC appeared unaware of this. Actions will be taken to apply for this at the end of 2015. The floor asked why the PC had also been unaware – no answer was forthcoming.

David Bailey, from the floor, offered his help and expertise to the PC and to the trust. This was met positively.

Cllr Buster Newnham then stood to let the floor and the chair know that he had been campaigning for 50 years to slow traffic down through Maulden. Having at one point sent drawings and measurements to the council – he did not receive a reply regarding his proposals and the council then changed.

His recommendation was that humps (or platforms) be put through the village – he didn’t think that flashing lights worked. GN mentioned that due to a bad back she would not support any campaign to put platforms of ANY sort through the village.

The group spoke about raising funds and what was possible. Traffic calming measures cost anything from £12k up to £200k.

PI said that for the record he thought we should try and be TOO ambitious and that he would personally campaign for two “raised” safer crossings and average speed cameras.

Various ideas were briefly discussed and will discussion will continue outside of the meeting.

It was mentioned that this should be the first of such meetings to attempt to gain the interest of the village and to see how it moves forward over the next year.

The meeting was brought to a close by SA at 7.30pm


*since the meeting this has been clarified to:

Reg numbers are taken and entered to a database and a letter is sent

If the same registration number is logged again then another letter will be sent advising that if they are caught again the information will be passed onto Roads Policing.

Persistent speeders can expect action to be taken by the Police after the 2nd or 3rd letter (depending on speeds recorded).