Maulden Parish Council Election 2015

Maulden parish council seed of change

Parish Council Elections

Many of you will not think of your Parish Council from one month to the next, but they are incredibly important to the village and how it runs and how it will develop.

Please, if you are going to vote, vote for your parish councillors of choice this year in the Maulden Parish Council Election 2015. The more people who vote, the more credible the councillors are and the more incentive they have to really work hard for the whole community.

We believe that the questions you should ask of any candidate are these:

Will you help this village of Maulden to:

  1. Enhance the spirit of the Maulden Village community through everything you do
  2. Deliver positive growth and change to the benefit of everyone who lives in it?
  3. Create a vibrant local business community that benefits the residents as well as business owners?
  4. Enhance the environment of the village and the area around it in a sustainable manner?
  5. Consider ways to enhance heritage assets in a meaningful and sustainable manner?
  6. Work hard for improved communication and social cohesion?
  7. Support our youngest, oldest, poorest and most disadvantaged residents in meaningful and constructive ways?
  8. Consider the value of social events in public spaces for the whole village (like Christmas singing, Bonfire night, Summer BBQ, Village Fair)?
  9. Improve the safety and security of the whole village and everyone in it?
  10. Improve the physical infrastructure, and work with responsible bodies to do so?
  11. Encourage volunteering from others?
  12. Use all your powers to deliver those changes?

Those candidates who commit to, or have a clear desire to, support those 12 aims should get your vote in the Maulden Parish Council Election 2015, and your support in future.

It is worth finding out what they can do (officially) and who they are, so you can write to them or get to know them in and about the village.

For those with a deeper interest in good governance, you will want to know that your candidates are on top of the recommendations for councillors (Good Councillors Guide) and the latest thinking on Localism and empowerment of councils (Connecting Localism and Community Empowerment Full Report)


Dated Friday 10 April 2015

Richard Carr Acting Returning Officer

Printed and published by the Acting Returning Officer, Priory House, Monks Walk, Chicksands, Shefford, Bedfordshire, SG17 5TQ


Central Bedfordshire Council Election of Parish Councillors

The following is a statement of the persons nominated for election as a Parish Councillor for Maulden
(Maulden Parish Council Election 2015)

Name of Candidate Home Address Description (if any) Name of Proposer (*), Seconder (**) and Assentors Reason why no longer nominated*
ALI Saqhib Ijthehad 17 Swan Road, Wixams, MK42 6BW Former Resident Former Maulden School Governor Ives Paul A * Barnes Simon **
BALL Roger Ian 68 Flitwick Road, Maulden, Bedford, MK45 2BJ Ives Paul A * Ball Carla J **
BARNES Simon 2 Wheatlands Close, Maulden, Beds, MK45 2AG  Ives Paul A * Barnes Ceri J **
BROWN Eileen Mary Reeley Farm, Flitwick Road, Maulden, Beds, MK45 2BH Galler Lynda M * Galler Malcolm D**
CHEADLE Billy  Wingfield Avenue, Maulden, Bedford, MK45 2DU Independent Garner Ronald C * Sheppard Hazel M **
IVES Paul Anthony 1 Snow Hill, Maulden, Beds, MK45 2BP Barnes Simon * Gibb William A.G. **
NEWNAM Buster 1 Wheatlands Close, Maulden, Bedford, Beds, MK45 2AQ Barnes Simon * Barnes Ceri J **
RICHARDSON Michael Paul 1 Silsoe Road, Maulden, Bedfordshire, MK45 2AX Spoor Gordon * Spoor Kathleen **
SUMMERFIELD Stephen James The Gables, Hillfarm, Flitwick Rd, Maulden, Beds, MK45 2BJ Brown Eileen M * Brown Colin C **
TATE Chris Duck End Cottage, 15 Duck End Lane, Maulden, Beds, MK45 2DL Galler Malcolm D * Galler Lynda M **
TUCKER Jenny 69 George St, Maulden, Bedfordshire, MK45 2DD Lockey Howard J * Lockey Barbara E **
WALKER Jayne Elizabeth 57 Flitwick Road, Maulden, Beds, MK45 2BJ Coote Faye M * Hallam Anne **
WOODWARD Brian John 36 Clophill Rd, Maulden, Beds, MK45 2AA Northwood Daphne C * Stapleton Josephine M **


Dated Friday 10 April 2015
Richard Carr Acting Returning Officer

Printed and published by the Acting Returning Officer, Priory House, Monks Walk, Chicksands, Shefford, Bedfordshire, SG17 5TQ

The persons above, where no entry is made in the last column, have been and stand validly nominated.