NHP Minutes – 29 June 2016



Minutes of the 3rd meeting – 29 June 2016

Held at 15 The Knoll, Maulden, 20:00hrs


  1. David Bailey (Chair)
  2. Julie Shepherd (Vice Chair)
  3. Alan Plom (Sec)
  4. Simon Barnes (Treasurer)
  5. Andrew Draycott
  6. Marilyn Caves


  1. Patricia Bragg
  2. Cllr Roger Ball (Maulden Parish Council)
  3. Cllr Christine Inskip (Maulden Parish Council)

Apologies for absence

  1. Cllr Philip Jackson (Maulden Parish Council)
  2. Cllr Jayne Walker (Maulden Parish Council – not available Wednesdays)
  3. Cllr Paul Downing (Central Beds Council)
  4. Robbie Locke


DB welcomed AD and PB to the Group and outlined the ‘Project Plan’ (for the next 2.5+ years!).

  1. Minutes of previous meeting (31 May 2016)
  2. Agreed and signed by Chair.
  3. Email copy to MPC Clerk + hard copy to be stored in the Group’s ‘Document Archive’. [ACTION: Sec]
  4. Cllr RB requested summary/update for PC meeting Monday 4 July. [ACTION: Sec]
  5. Circulation had been delayed due to work pressures. DB committed to issuing draft notes ‘within 48 hours’ (as far as possible) and making them available to Group members and observers via email, and the Group’s Dropbox account. [ACTION: DB to authorise new members.]
  6. The Minutes will also be made publicly available via the Group’s FaceBook page and website??? [ACTION: Sec/DB]


  1. Matters Arising

Actions being covered by agenda items, except:

  1. 2(e) Learning from other NHP GroupsACTION: Sec to send list of meeting dates to Cllr PD (Clophill) + B Eassom (Hail Weston) and invite them to share their experiences asap. Other local Groups include Silsoe and Marston.
  2. 4(b) Pressure on local services – Suggested Cllr B Woodward has a good knowledge of locations of local utilities/sewage/ supply lines, etc. [ACTION: For ‘Utilities WGp Chair]
  3. 4(f) MPC/Wingfield land – Not all land was ‘donated’ to MPC on ‘reversionary trust’ basis. Details to be requested in writing from Sally Chapman at CBC [ACTION: DB/Sec??]
  4. 4(g) CBC + MPC-owned land in NHP Boundary – Details to be requested from CBC [ACTION: ?? WGp Chair??]
  5. 4(a) Communicating updates – A summary update had been sent to Cllr J Walker for the Parish Newsletter. Information to be displayed on noticeboards, eg at the Coop and Baptist Church. A ‘Suggestion Box’ was also proposed, eg at the Coop or the Church. [ACTION: DB to set up email address and phone number to receive communications with the NHP Group.]
  6. 6(b) Hail Weston’s NHP Survey/Questionaire – To check if available electronically yet [ACTION: Sec]
  7. 6(b) Graphic designer/printer needed (for leaflets/survey, etc) – List of local companies to be compiled. ACTION: DB to write to Liquid Designs. Fidelity Print suggested as possible alternative. [ACTION: AD to contact Simon Hodges.]
  8. Status of NHP boundary
  9. No objections received by CBC during the Consultation Period (ended 13 June) + ‘Neighbourhood Area’ now defined as the Parish Boundary, so we can start to develop the Plan.
  10. RB asked about ‘Proportionate Evidence’ – DB explained this included the Project Plan, which will be available in the Dropbox Folder and kept in the Doc Archive.
  11. Membership of ‘Steering Group’/Committee & sub-Committees/Working Groups
  12. Steering Group = confirmed as attendees + ‘apologies’.
  13. Vice Chair – JS elected.
  14. Working Group structure – Discussed table circ’d by DB (and list of consultees in ppt)= agreed as basis, although these can be re-titled/amended as work progresses.
  15. The list of organisations/individuals who would need to be consulted was based on the ‘model’ NHP guidelines + some local additions (eg Village Hall Cttee, Allotment Soc). This list will inevitably expand.
  16. Working Group titles [+ Team Leaders] agreed + group members/consultees to invite were proposed as follows:
  Working Group Leader Specific Group members/consultees suggested incl:
1 Homes/Housing Cllr RB eg. Cllr Jayne Walker/MPC (Planning portfolio); CBC nominee (TBC); Julian Smith (Kingshall Developments); Chair of Hillson’s; Aragon Housing.
2 Business SB eg. Vass; Alan Burgoine; Blackmoor Farm, ANO?
3 Social (incl Educ & Welfare) JS eg. School Head; Vicar(s) + AD (younger age group); PB (OPRG/over 60’s); Ron Garner (History Soc).
4 Environment RL eg. A farmer (via Cllr S Summerfield); Moor Lane Reserve rep (Colin Carpenter ?);
5 Infrastructure (incl roads, utilities) AP Utilities (details via CBC); CBC (Highways); Speed Watch Area Coordinator (Malcolm Crowther); Safer Maulden; Cllr B Woodhead.
6 Regulation (of the NHP + Law & Order issues) DB Cllr L Hynes; Police/PCSO (Sgt J Wright); Neighborhood Watch Area Coordinator (Gretel Nevols); Katherine Holloway.


  1. Leaders to start to contact suggested group members/consultees – aim for 3 names for each group by next meeting [ACTION: WG Leaders]
  2. Each Leader to present short (~10min) progress report to each meeting + ~1 page / 5-10 bullet point summary (for file) [ACTION: WG Leaders]
  3. Funding discussed – Most WGps will require some funding, except ‘Business’ (likely to be self-financing) + possibly Regulation.


  1. What Next?
  2. DB advised that we need to start drafting the ‘As is’ statements for each of the identified key topics – for the next meeting. [ACTION: All]
  3. These should initially be based on contributions from the community – not statistical surveys, etc. [eg Sue Hart has agreed to write a general (2 page) ‘Introduction to Maulden’, to set the context for the NHP.
  4. DB reminded Leaders that their role is to collect and collate information, and to record and save any notes of discussions or info received – for future reference and the Archive. We need to be careful not to make suggestions and are not required to respond or make decisions.
  5. ‘Homework’ – ACTION: All to look at docs already circ’d and in Dropbox file + hard copies obtained by AP – by next meeting.


  1. NHP Survey
  2. Phrasing of Questions is critical and we need advice on what works. We need expertise on ‘Social Services studies – [ACTION: RL??]
  3. Detailed discussion on how to go about collecting information and opinions from residents deferred to next meeting, when we hope to have input from other NHPs. Meanwhile, look at example questionnaires via websites flagged up by DB (in particular Linfield??), in Dropbox and hard copies. [ACTION: All]
  4. Topics for next meeting:
    • To consider ‘Community Engagement Plan’, draft Q’s for Survey (eg relevant to “over-60’s” and “young people”.) We will also need a selection of photos to depict the village. [ACTION: AP to check if Hail Weston’s Survey is available electronically yet. ACTION: All to consider options for Q’s, check other available NHP docs, etc.]


  1. Publicity
  1. Maulden Village Show – JS/SB/AP reported on their activity at the Village Show on 23 June. Numerous positive contacts were made, including Pat Bragg who offered to represent the WI (also on the Village Hall Cttee). Effort was needed to actively engage in discussion with visitors to the Show, eg resulting in JS engaging with a group of young people – they simply wanted ‘somewhere to go”!  There was some discussion about expanding use of the Rec, and sources of funding (eg from Football Club subs).
  2. New residents also wanted information and to learn more about the village.
  3. Poster/Leaflet – JS/AP also produced a poster for use at the Show, which could be used more widely. ACTION: AP to circ (and save) final version [nb.  With new NHP email address and phone number to be set up by DB] + explore possible inclusion of ‘poster’ as a leaflet in the Village Welcome Pack. [ACTION: AD offered to produce copies of leaflets.]
  4. Other ‘themes’ emerging from discussion at the Show included the need for more “appropriate” housing, ie not just “affordable”, but suitable for older people as well as starter homes. We need “the right balance”. We should include a Q in the Survey asking about intention/desire to stay living in the village. [ACTION: RB to note.]
  5. Reporting to MPC/CBC

Sally Chapman is the contact at CBC + RB for MPC.  [ACTION: WGp Leaders to note.]

  1. AOB
  2. Applying for Grant – DB and RB to complete and sign Application Form, to be sent to CBC. Likely to take up to 8 weeks.
  3. Location of meetings – JS was thanked for hosting the meeting and providing refreshments. She was happy to host future meetings. Meeting room in The George suggested when it re-opens too. Financial support for holding meetings will be available when the application is approved.

Meeting ended ~10:00pm.