Village Meeting 7:30pm Tue Jan 24th in Village Hall

Maulden Village red autumn

Planning for the Future of Maulden

The first in a series of public meetings has been scheduled for 7:30pm on Tuesday January 24th in the Village Hall.
The first meeting will include:-

  • Introduction to the Neighbourhood Planning Process
  • Proposal for traffic calming between the school and the Co-op
  • Other strategic planning issues to be covered by the Neighbourhood Plan
  • An invitation to get involved (we need a working group leader forĀ Housing and more people to help with Law and Order, Environment, and Business working parties)

Put the date in your diary and further bulletins will appear on this site and on

This event will be run jointly by the Neighbourhood Plan Team and Maulden Parish Council

The presentations are likely to be self-explanatory, but the table walks need a little further discussion. We imagine that working group leads will each staff a table that will have some printed question sheets, and a large sheet of white paper. Each table will be equipped with pens, Post-it notes, and one or two people from working group.

As an example, we may have sheets for people to submit the important questions and views that they have. I generally feel it’s important to minimise long written answers, is extremely hard to analyse, or make any constructive use of. They do, however, indicate sentiment.

David JW Bailey – Chair MV NHP Volunteer Group
Phil Jackson -Chair MPC