Maulden Autumn – get outside and enjoy

Although the evenings are drawing in now, we have had a very fortunate autumn (although farmers may differ slightly in what they consider to be good weather for November.) The year has been unusually bright, with very few frosts, and temperatures holding slightly above-average since September. Few of us will forget the glorious sunsets that we have had in the last few days. Photography, although a useful aid to memory, is a poor substitute for the reality.

If you have not recently been for a walk around Maulden Woods, it is remains quite splendid in autumn colours although most of the leaves have fallen already. It is still worth the time taken to visit it.

All around Maulden, we have wonderful open countryside and are very lucky that local farming businesses do a fairly good job of keeping our footpath open and passable. The few that become muddy after harvest and ploughing have already become quite well trodden and passable again. This is also the season in which nettles and brambles either die back or a cutback, which makes walking a little easier.

Drinking outside at lunchtime in our local pubs is still possible, although you may need to wear a warm coat. Just because bikini season has passed, is no reason to give up the pleasure of sitting outside.

Our local village parks and SSSIs are now putting on their winter form. They may not be as spectacular, and wildlife may be harder to spot, but there are still lots of things worth getting out to sea.

There is very good evidence that communities are hugely enhanced when people leave their homes and walk about in the local area. They meet people, they can see things that need attention, and they benefit from sunshine and green spaces. It can also help put development and change into context when one can see it from many other locations.

Maulden Village Sunset
Maulden Village Sunset


Open at 19:30h (7:30pm)
This is your big chance to influence which sites get chosen FOR and AGAINST development in the village.
Please come – notices on posts all around the village.
Please bring friends, especially younger ones.
If you own land put forwards for development, please come along.
If you want to see specific things built, come along.
If you want to see specific sorts of homes built, come along.
Basically, come along, and VOTE (using coloured stickers on maps!)

Safer Maulden Meeting

You may have seen some of the StreetWatchers out recently delivering these.
This meeting is for ALL of the village watches – Street Watch, Speed Watch, Neighbourhood Watch in attendance with Maulden Parish Council and Maulden Neighbourhood Plan.
Come and have a cuppa with us on Thursday 16th February at 7.30pm





Gas: EMERGENCY NOTICE Loss of Gas Supply

Loss of gas supply in Ampthill, Maulden and Clophill area

Resolved: Just a brief update, as of 10pm 21 November 2016. Out of a total of 5111 affected properties NG have restored supply to 4719 leaving only 392 they haven’t been able to gain access to in the Ampthill Flitwick Clophill Ampthill areas.

This emergency notice will be retained for archiving.

A copy of the official notice about the loss of gas is attached to this post. The relevant official sources of information are on the links below. The official source of information is the coordination centre at Maulden Village hall. Information from that site supersedes anything else.

18 November 2016 [updated 19:20h]

Latest News

17:00 18 November
National Grid engineers have started to restore people's gas supplies in Clophill, and will be working into the night to do this as quickly and safely as possible. We will have over 100 engineers on site on both Saturday and Sunday to continue the restoration of supplies in Maulden and Ampthill. We hope to have the majority of gas supplies restored by the end of the weekend and will keep you updated of progress.
We are restoring gas supplies in stages as this is the safest, and quickest way to ensure that we provide a safe and steady service in all areas.
We have over 100 of our employees in the area working extremely hard to bring the gas supplies back to all properties by the end of the weekend.

See below – do NOT turn on your own supply until an engineer has called and made your gas safe to use.

Original Official Notice

Ampthill gas incident

Media update: 16 November 09:45

National Grid is working to repair a leaking medium pressure gas pipe in Flitwick Road, Ampthill, after contractors working on a new housing development damaged the pipe late this afternoon (15 November).

The incident has resulted in a loss of gas supply to homes and businesses in Ampthill, Maulden, and Clophilll.

Engineers are working to repair the leak as soon as possible and to work on restoring gas supplies to those affected.

If you smell gas or have lost your gas supply please ring the National Gas Emergency service on 0800 111 999.

To safely restore gas supplies, engineers will need to visit every affected property and switch the gas supply off at the meter.Engineers have already begun switching people off and this operation will continue tomorrow. Please arrange for someone to be at home so we can switch your supply off. The sooner we are able to switch everyone off, the sooner we will be able to restore supplies.

Once the repair has been made and gas is back in the mains, a second visit will be made to turn on the supply to each property and make sure it is flowing safely.

National Grid is liaising with the local authority to ensure elderly and other vulnerable residents are being identified and cared for. If you know of an elderly or vulnerable resident, please contact us on 0845 835 1111, so we can help them.

Every effort is being made to restore supplies as soon as possible. However, it is too early to say when gas supplies will be restored.

For more general information on incidents please see our incident page in our safety and emergencies section.


Fastest News: 

Webpages for information or
Telephone 0845 835 1111
Email *protected email*
CBC emergencies page

A community response has been set up between the National Grid and Central Bedfordshire Council. They are coordinating the proper response to the approximately 6700 houses affected in the Ampthill, Maulden and Clophill area.

Oliver Street remains subject to a road closure overnight and CBC have a Highways team to maintain this overnight. This may continue.

What must you do?

Please comply with all the instructions from the engineer who visits your property. Please arrange for someone to be at home so Engineers (who carry ID) can switch your supply off. If you are not in, please arrange for a neighbour to have access to the property.

Please do not attempt to switch on your own gas supply or relight any appliances.

Doing so could be extremely dangerous, and will delay the resumption of full supply to all premises in the area.
This means not using boilers, gas heaters, water heaters, gas cookers, gas ovens, or any other mains gas appliances at all until you are told by a National Grid engineer personally that it is safe to do so.
You can switch off your gas at the main ECR tap or valve, but National Grid engineers will need to visit and confirm every property. You should not turn your gas back on if you or an engineer have turned it off.

What if I smell gas in my home?

There is a higher risk of gas leaks from non-ignited appliances because of the current situation. Please be extremely diligent and respond with reports of the smell of gas or gas leaks to the emergency services and emergency telephone number for the National Grid.

How long will this take?

There is no current timetable, but it is expected to be several days. You should plan accordingly.

Can I use electric heating?

Yes, but be aware that 6,000 people suddenly turning on 2 electric heaters and ovens and immersion heaters may overload the electricity grid as well. Caution is advised. For a while, it seems sensible to avoid having too many electric items on at once.

If you are fit and well, dress up warm, and keep active if it gets cold. Please allow services and power to help those most in need.

What caused it?

Pilings being driven at the Abbey Lane site fractured a high pressure gas main.

What are CBC and National Grid doing to help?

National Grid are putting together information letter for residents affected and will be distributing them. CBC Comms team are aware and will be picking up any warning and informing actions in the morning.

National Grid are sending 500 fan heaters and 200 hot plates to the scene for distribution to affected residents as needed. They will be liaising with UK Power Networks to ensure does not cause electrical outages.

CBC Have appointed a Vulnerable People Coordinator to identify potentially vulnerable people likely to be affected by the incident, and will be liaising with National Grid to ensure these people are prioritised for assistance as necessary.

CBC have set up Maulden Village Hall as an Incident/Assistance Centre and RVP for responding agencies. Liaising with Police and National Grid representatives at this location.

How can you help?

We believe it’s especially important that you help your elderly, vulnerable, long-term sick, disabled, or very young neighbours and friends. Please speak to them, and make sure that they are aware of what’s going on.

Provision has been made, by way of electrical cooking and heating equipment and other services and support for vulnerable customers. CBC and the National Grid are coordinating this. If you know a vulnerable person but they are unable to get to the village hall. If you can make that trip for them, with their permission, this would be very helpful.


Neighbourhood Plan Presentation to the Parish Council

2016 April 11 Maulden Parish v3

proposal for NHP
proposal for NHP

This is the presentation given to the Parish Council, and the residents who attended on 11 April 2016

Some of the resources used to create this are in the following links

Neighbourhood Planning – complete plans and tools for all new plans
What is Neighbourhood Planning? – RTPI
2010 to 2015 government policy: planning reform – GOV.UK
What is neighbourhood planning? | Planning Practice …
Planning Portal – Neighbourhood planning
Planning Advisory Service Neighbourhood planning
My Community – Neighbourhood Planning
Complete plan



European Parliamentary Election – 22 May 2014

European Parliamentary Election – 22 May 2014
between the hours of 7am and 10pm

Whatever your views on Europe, you have a right to vote and make your vote count.

Central Bedfordshire Council is part of the Eastern Region, for information regarding the European Elections please see the Chelmsford City Councils European Election web page.

*Notice of Election – European Election (PDF 26KB)

What are the European Elections?

The UK is divided into 12 regions, and each has a certain number of Members of the European Parliament (MEPs) depending on the population of that region.

Our region is the Eastern Region. It spans from St Albans to Norfolk and Southend-on-Sea to Cambridge and has seven MEPs. The region covers 47 councils in total and is spread across six counties.

This election determines who will represent the region in the European Parliament for the next five years. The European Parliament decides on policy and legislation which has a direct effect on the everyday lives of all UK citizens so it is important that all voters have a chance to have a say on who takes the decisions for them.

For further information, please visit the Electoral Commission website.

When will these Elections be held?

The European Elections will be on 22 May 2014 with the results announced the following Sunday at about 10pm.

Who are the Candidates for the European Election?

Each political party that is contesting has put forward seven candidates for election. The parties that are contesting this election are (in alphabetical order):

  • An Independence from Europe
  • British National Party
  • Christian Peoples Alliance
  • Conservative Party
  • English Democrats
  • Green Party
  • Labour Party
  • Liberal Democrats
  • NO2EU
  • UK Independence Party (UKIP)

The full list of candidates is online.

A version of proportional voting will be used for this Election to decide the allocation of the seven MEP seats for the Eastern Region.

Put simply, the more votes a party receives, the more seats it will be allocated. The system also gives individual candidates the chance of being elected if they receive a sufficiently large proportion of the votes.

For more details of the system being used, please see the Electoral Commission website (under External Links).

How do I vote in this Election?

You can vote by:

  • Postal vote
  • Proxy vote, where you nominate someone to vote on your behalf
  • In person at a polling station in the area in which you are registered

The last date to register for this election is 6 May 2014 and the deadline for postal vote applications is 7 May (ballot papers for postal votes will be sent out by 9 May at the latest). Contact your local Electoral Services office or visit your local council’s website for application forms.