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Comment Rules – How To Make The Best Comments

We’re glad you’re here – and can’t wait to see what you think about today’s latest news and events in Maulden. It is your community – you probably should comment.

YOU MAY NEED TO REGISTER TO SUBMIT YOUR FIRST COMMENT (and you can do so on the Registration Page)
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But … when you’re composing that comment to express your insightful genius, remember that we want to keep our family friendly rating. So avoid words too saucy for your granddaughter or  grandmother. Imagine you’re saying it to the person’s face. If you can’t play nicely, we’ll take your post down. Repeat offenders may be banned.

You should:

  • Be polite.  It never hurts to be nice, and you’ll be much more likely to get a useful response when you’re civil.
  • Be genuine. You can use your real name or a comfortable pseudonym–just act like yourself. Don’t hate or imitate.
  • Have fun. There is no need to treat this like the Council chamber or local library; it is more like a nice coffee shop.
  • Think, then speak. We like people who are curious, eager, and creative. Have a comment? Got a question? Post it. Someone else is wondering the very same thing.
  • Consider Godwin’s Law in effect. First to violate it loses, and the conversation is over. Consider also the Streisand Effect before posting.

You should not:

  • Use inappropriate language or provide links/trackbacks to obscene or inappropriate content. This includes using obscenities as well as being just plain mean.
  • Rely on sarcasm to make a point. It comes over very poorly in print and can backfire.
  • Defame an individual or group, or libel or slander a company, or violate any trademarks or copyrighted material. Doing so hurts you and this community.
  • Upload or link to viruses or other malicious code.
  • Encourage or advocate illegal activity or propose illegal activity.
  • Violate the privacy of others. Sometimes it is best not to name people unless you have asked them for permission and explained what you are going to say first.
  • Promote commercial services or products. Actually, we are pretty happy about promotions for businesses and companies that are based in Maulden. We tolerate gentle promotion from local businesses in the immediate surrounding area. What we don’t tolerate is random commercial spam posts. Those will get blocked.
  • Feed the trolls. It only encourages them.

These don’t cover every possible online act. We reserve the right to reject or redact any comments or posts that violate the spirit, as well as the letter, of our policies. And for good comments? Sometimes we have cookies, or will buy you a beer (if over 18)

Don’t forget to respect whatever rules your employer might have about communities like this. We want you to participate as  much as possible, but not because you got fired and suddenly have a lot of free time on your hands. In fact, we’d prefer it if your employer got really excited about the site and encouraged you to learn and share here.

This site is a community. Communities are about relationships.

That’s all.  If you find relevant, helpful ideas here-share them with Maulden and the world. That’s what this site is about.

Maulden Village Hall - another place for comments
Maulden Village Hall – another place for comments