Maulden Village Website Submissions and Publication Guidelines

Submissions to the Website

Each month we aim to publish 3 planned articles, roughly one a week, and one reactive piece responding to local issues.

Publication rate will slow down in the summer as people are away and readership lower.

While some articles are planned for the year, others are [open] which means any article of interest can be taken. We actively seek articles from village clubs and societies, and would be most grateful for submissions.

This document sets out the guidelines for submission and the articles for 2014. It is a work in progress and will be regularly updated.

Maulden Village Website Submit an Article
Maulden Village Website Submit an Article

Errors and Omissions

We check all our articles to source websites or original notes of meetings and interviews, and take reasonable care to allow anyone mentioned or affected a reasonable chance to comment or correct the facts. However, errors can creep in, despite our best efforts.

Please contact us with any matters of factual accuracy, tone, relevance or copyright. We aim to correct all errors within 7 working days, and intend, (subject to certain restrictions) to publish retractions with equal prominence where the error was material and there is a source we can check that to, or if content is potentially infringing.

We do ask that you keep your correspondence factual, calm and polite.

Editorial Guidelines

  1. Please follow The Economist Style Guide as far as possible
  2. This site is for positive discussion of Maulden Village, articles with generally negative tone will not be supported unless there are compelling reasons to publish such.
  3. Use plain English, current spellings and meanings
  4. Site is for all ages: avoid slang, swearwords, sexual reference, innuendo and discriminatory or abusive terms
  5. Any living persons identified must have agreed to being included
  6. Articles should:
    1. Be the original work of the author or clearly identify source of quotes and give credit for them
    2. Have a clear heading
    3. Have a focus keyword or short phrase that appears in the heading, the first paragraph and the last paragraph
    4. Be 250 to 750 words in length
    5. Be checked for spelling and grammar before submission
    6. Be checked for SEO at point of submission to the site
    7. Have at least one image provided
    8. Have at least one external hyperlink to a relevant, current, website
    9. State clearly in a footer if you have a personal or financial interest in the subject of the piece
    10. Authors remain responsible for defamation, intellectual property infringement, use of hate language, incitement to crimes or violence, and the content of the post to the fullest extent possible in UK law.

Calendar of Planned Posts

Submissions are most welcome on any of these topics.


  • Paths and walking around Maulden – dog walkers, hikers and casual strolls
  • Village Traditions – current, lost, and wanted in future
  • Reactive piece – based on current news


  • Focus on village sports clubs – football, bowls, shooting, and more
  • Maulden Churches – history, activities, what they deliver
  • Progress on Streetwatch and CSG in Maulden
  • Reactive piece – based on current news


  • Spring photos – taken in and around Maulden
  • The Rec – history, events, use, maintenance
  • Old village family names – [? Possible ?]
  • Reactive piece – based on current news


  • Major summer events in village – MSA Ball, pub beer festivals, etc
  • Greensand Ridge – geology, geography, history
  • Central Beds Council – what has it ever done for us (quite a lot!)
  • Reactive piece – based on current news


  • Greensand Relay Race – running through the village
  • Centre Parks – how it affects local services and businesses
  • Reactive piece – based on current news


  • The Parish Council – history, work load, benefits (quite a lot!)
  • Roads around Maulden – 1700, 1800, 1900, 1945, modern routes
  • Reactive piece – based on current news


  • Footpaths and running routes around Maulden – with maps
  • Historical demographics of Maulden – and pointers for the future
  • Reactive piece – based on current news


  • Maulden Woods – ecology
  • Community groups – smaller groups and what they do
  • [open]
  • Reactive piece – based on current news


  • Young people in Maulden – what can they do?
  • Essential guide to moving into Maulden – based on a year of learning
  • [open]
  • Reactive piece – based on current news


  • Importance of “hygiene” in village safety and crime prevention
  • [open]
  • Reactive piece – based on current news


  • Xmas services, carols, pub events
  • [open]
  • Reactive piece – based on current news

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