Maulden Village Safety

Keeping Maulden Safe

Maulden is a safe and quiet village for the most part. It has low levels of crime, low levels of anti-social behaviour and a generally clean and well kept village environment.

Local Community Safety Group

  • community safety groups help to co-ordinate the wider issues of community safety, such as planning, resources, following up incidents and establishing effective links with local politics, planners, schools, businesses, criminal and civil enforcement bodies and the local Police

Local Streetwatch Group

  • Streetwatch is a national scheme of volunteers that work with the police in local communities. Maulden is forming a Streetwatch team.
[edit] All mentions of Neighbourhood Watch / NHW have been removed from this website following action taken by the local organiser. If you are interested in them, please use a web search engine [/edit]

A simple rule is that all the above organisations encourage everyone to reporting crime – immediately and accurately report all crimes and instances of anti-social behaviour and vandalism to the police.

Where you have suspicions, or information related to crime or disorder, then it is recommended that you use the National Non-emergency (101) & Emergency (999) as appropriate, as such intelligence gather and the resulting statistics can inform local policing priorities.


Bedfordshire comes under the Bedfordshire Crime Commissioner – Olly Martins

Bedfordshire Police
Bedfordshire Police

Maulden has a good Local Policing Team

And they have a relevant Web Page with useful links, guides and information

They can help point residents and interested persons to sources of information on local safety and crime:

  • Ringmaster shares information on incidents through SMS and email – anyone locally can sign up to Beds Police Email alert system Ringmaster 
  • Safer Beds Website – . The local police have set up this site that gives links to ringmaster, setting up neighbourhood watch, security marking for property and crime reduction advice
  • Police UK – Bedfordshire – Bookmark details of the local policing team from the Police UK website, as it shows who the team are & gives local contact details & statistics on local crime levels.

Other Bedfordshire Police Links  

Safety is not just crime prevention

Safety includes planning for the worst so that, should it happen, you are able to care for yourself, care for you family, and contribute to helping your neighbours without becoming a casualty yourself.

Bedfordshire Resilience Forum has lots of tips, hints and plans that you can adopt to deal with the worst that the weather, flooding, or other disasters may throw at you. You could volunteer to join them in BLEVEC and become part of the solution, not a problem.

“The Bedfordshire and Luton Local Resilience Forum (BLLRF) responds to emergencies using the generic principles of emergency response and recovery. These generic principles are set out in HM Emergency Response and Recovery Document.

“Although each of the organisations involved in the response and recovery have their own emergency plans they have also adopted plan and mutual support arrangements to co-ordinate their efforts. By acting together, the overall response of the responding organisations will be greater than the sum of their individual efforts, to the benefit of the public.

“If a hazard has been identified through the Community Risk Register process as presenting a particular risk, a specific plan may be created. This may be specific to the hazard, or to a capability required as a result of the hazard.”

Plans (check BLRF site for latest each time)

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