Bedfordshire Streetwatch

Maulden Streetwatch

Maulden is lucky to have a small group of volunteers, who are now classified as Police Volunteers, are trained and equiped to patrol the village.

They are part of Bedfordshire Street Watch which is maintained and may be more up to date that this volunteer run website. Please check there.

They have distinctive yellow jackets, and may be accompanied by a Police officer or PCSO at various times. They are there to help – please talk to them and make them feel welcome.

Their role is to assist the village and the Police by:

  1. Increasing community confidence through feelings of security and community spirit.
  2. Preventing crime by increasing visibility and maintaining a caring and cohesive community.
  3. Assisting Bedfordshire Police by promoting effective communications and prompt reporting of activities of interest.
  4. Promoting local Policing so that Maulden residents have more confidence in Bedfordshire Police.

Most questions about their role and activities are answered online at the regional Streetwatch website


Street Watch is about people in Maulden promoting good citizenship and supporting a better environment in the village by walking on their own streets. They provide visible reassurance and may at times appropriately engage in local issues that matter most to your community.

Evidence from across the UK shows that Street Watch members will have a significant and positive impact on quality of life issues within your community.

StreetWatch members -being Police Volunteers – now have closer liaison with the Police and better access to information & feedback.

For more information on local schemes – please see 

Would you like to volunteer for StreetWatch?

Maulden StreetWatch would be delighted if you could join them in their endeavours. More Adult volunteers are needed to provide a better service to the community.

Please use the Contact Page to send a note to Streetwatch via this site, or talk to them as they go by.


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