The White Hart Pub, Maulden

Maulden Village Pubs

Maulden used to have many pubs, and there are historical records of at least 7 in the village. Sadly, there are now just 2 active village pubs – The George, The Dog and Badger and the White Hart – in line with the trend to loss of public houses and amenity throughout the UK in the last three decades. Fortunately for Maulden, the pubs it has are well frequented and have strong offerings of food as well as pretty well kept beers.

The George

The George, a Grade II listed building in the village has reopened after a really impressive and complete renovation.

It has a website that has up to date information.

The pub has food, lots of seating inside and out, a meeting room, and will soon have overnight accommodation.

The George Interior
The George Interior

As it was:

The George, Maulden
The George, Maulden

The Dog and Badger Pub

A pub with a large bar, real ale and well liked food offering.

It has an online menu and lots of information on the current events, beers, landlords and regulars online.

The lease for this is [Jan 2014] up for tender if you are thinking of a career in pubs.

Maulden Pub Dog and Badger
Maulden Pub Dog and Badger

The Dog and Badger has an amazing history – having once been owned by the wife of Horace Walpole (  ). A list of the licencees is available online from 1822  to 1995 on this local history website.


The White Hart Hotel

This large inn is in the middle of the village and has a strong following for its food and events. No longer offering rooms.

It has its own website and there are regular events, including a summer beer festival, live music events, New Years Eve ball and more.


This pub has a wide range of activities and is very popular most nights of the week – well worth dropping in for a well kept pint or good family meal.

Currently Closed

The Black Horse

The village lost the Black Horse in 2012, and the site has been developed for housing now. It was the last “boozer” in the village, a pure village beer drinkers’ pub.

Black Horse Pub Maulden
Black Horse Pub Maulden

If you have links to a Lost Pub in the village, please drop a line to The Lost Pubs Project and tell them about it.

The Commander In Chief

A pub on Clophill Road – lost to time

… but not lost to the National Archive, thanks to the works of Charles Wells Pubs

The Anchor

This one is mentioned in a few records as “The ‘Anchor,’ an old half-timber and thatch inn, stands picturesquely on the south of the main road at the west end of the village opposite the road from Haynes” it is further described in an Barrett Family old text as “of respectable antiquity”. The building is still quite obvious in George Street, and would have been accessed mainly by a walking or ridden track from Haynes to the North of the village.

The Ship [closed]

We wrote a little about the ship and other lost pubs in this post on the history of pubs in Maulden

Maulden Pub History

All the village pubs have long histories, and there are some wonderful tales to be had in and around them. For instance, this history site


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