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Some interesting collections of images are available online.

Maulden Woods, Winter
Maulden Woods, Winter

A little bit of research will unearth a treasure trove of pictures and illustrations of the village of Maulden, stretching back into time, but also full of fresh new images as the spread of digital cameras, mobile phone cameras and remote surveys become available to us. Would you be able to submit photos for use on the Village Website?

  • The first, and most obvious is just to use the GOOGLE IMAGES page for the village
  • Many local photographers have uploaded and tagged images to FLICKR, which presents a very attractive wall of photos from that search. Are any of them yours?
  • There is a good local family history site which has a lot of pictures on it.
  • There are a few images of Maulden on the local Ampthill Images Site (check out the section called “Around and About”)

Interesting to peek at what the main Photo archives have. Not always easy, as in each case you need to think about a search, such as “Maulden 1920” or “Maulden History” or “near Bedford” and you will be really surprised what you can find!:

Don’t forget that many such sites are also keen to buy historic photos if you have any.

Camera Club and Photographers

The local Ampthill & District Camera Club meets at Millbrook, so, while not a village social club, is still a focus (pun intended) for the photographers in the area.

There are also professional photographers in the business list for the village

Image Policy

We ask all photographers sending us images to bear in mind the law and that this is a community website.

The law on photography is well summarised on this website and basically permits any photographer to take images from a public place of any person who is also in a public place. That includes children and adults without the need for a model release.

However, as a community site, we ask that photos of children have the permission of the parents before being submitted.

Should you have an issue with an image on this site, please contact us and explain the issue, and we will determine an appropriate response (which may, for instance,  include editing, removing, or explaining an image)

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Tamron 11-16mm f2,8 wide angle
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