Did Anyone Your Family Know Survive WW1 ?

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Did Anyone Your Family Know Survive WW1 ?

There is a lot of interest at present about WW1 at present (it started 100 years ago this year, of course.) While we note the victims frequently and properly, we also need to turn our minds to those known to survive WW1 and who went on to influence life around us afterwards.

Maulden History Society are trying to publish a book about life in Maulden during WWI, and are keen to trace those who may have survived WW1.

Maulden History Society have asked if anyone in the village, or wider readership, can help them with a very interesting and important piece of local research.

We are trying to publish a book to commemorate life in Maulden in WWI and have found out quite a bit about the soldiers on the war memorial, but not so much about the survivors.

List of some Maulden men who survived WWI – Do you have info, or photos of them?

This list is a work in progress. You may know of others.

Please send any info to Rosie Coyle or 44 Ampthill Rd or via the Maulden History Society website

Simple List

The names are also available in a simple list of men from Maulden thought to have seen military action in WW1 that can be checked off for family members as below

[edit – list & text updated 22 May 2014]

ABBOTT, George William
ADAMS, James
ANSELL, Walter Thomas
ARNOLD, Charles
ARNOLD, William
ATKINS, Alfred
BANDEE, Walter
BANDY, Alfred
BASS, Reginald James
BEAL, George
BILLINGHAM, Frederick Arthur
BIRD, Frederick Charles
BLACKABY, Frederick William
BOXFORD, Edgar John
BROWN, Alec Charles
BROWN, Archibald Frederick
BROWN, Frederick Samuel
BROWN, Reginald Francis
BRYANT, Arthur William
BUNKER, William Harold
BURGOINE, Herbert Joel
CHERRY, William Charles
COLE, Alfred Ernest
COLE, Edward James
COLE, Ernest Samuel
COLE, Frederick
COLE, Reginald William
COLE, William J
CREES, Alec Charles
DANIELS, Alfred John
DANIELS, Charles
DIGGINS, Henry Thomas
DIGGINS, Ernest George
DIGGINS, Owen Alexander
DUNCOMBE, Mervyn Eric Bryan
EDDY, Seba
FARMER, William Godfrey
FISHER, Arthur
FISHER, Bertram
GILES, Percival Wallace
HARRIS, Arthur
HEDGE, Frederick Joseph
HENMAN, Robert
HILL, Arthur George
HILL, Frederick
HILL, Herbert
HUCKLE, Bruce William
HUMPHRIES, Cyril Charles
IZZARD, Herbert Stanley
IZZARD, Horace Frederick
IZZARD, Sidney Brydon
IZZARD, Walter Thomas
JOY, Edward
KEALEY, Owen Fred
KEALEY, Spencer John
KEMPSON, George William
KEMPSON, William
KING, Philip Wallace
KING, Walter Joseph
KING, William
KIRBY, Alfred Edwin
KIRBY, Edgar Charles
KIRBY, Frederick Edgar
LOBB, Hedley
LOVELL, Frederick Pattison
NEWBURY, Frank John
NEWMAN, Charles
NORTHWOOD, Alfred William
NORTHWOOD, Charles William
NORTHWOOD, Frederick
ODELL, Percy William
OLIVER, Charles William
OLIVER, George Thomas
OSBORNE, Richard Horace
PAGE, James
PALMER, Archibald
PALMER, Charles William
PALMER, Francis John
PARKER, Charles
PEAT, David
PEAT, Horace William
POWELL, Frank Henry
PRESSLAND, Arthur Frederick
ROGERS, Herbert
ROYSTON, Basil Drage
ROYSTON, Clifford Fairbairn
ROYSTON, Richard Cuthbert
SADLER, Albert
SAMPSON, Percy George
SHARP, Arthur
SHARP, Cyril Charles
SHARP, George
SHARP, George
SHARP, Herbert Wesley
SHARP, John Charles
SHARP, Leonard A
SHARP, Sydney
SHARP, Sidney
SHARP, Frank
SHOTBOLT, Reginald
SINFIELD, Alfred John
SINFIELD, Arthur Victor
SMITH, Philip Reginald
SUMMERFIELD, Arthur Thomas
SUMMERFIELD, William Alfred
TAYLOR, Albert Neville
TAYLOR, Alfred
TAYLOR, George
TAYLOR, Harvey
TAYLOR, Joseph
TAYLOR, William Lionel D
WALPOLE, Harry Frederick
WARD, Harry
WILLMER, Alfred Frederick
WILLMER, George William
WILLMER, Sidney William
WILLMER, Walter Ernest
WOODCRAFT, Ernest James
YOUNG, Ernest William
YOUNG, Frank Reginald

Interactive List

This list can be searched, sorted and present information by age, rank, year of birth and status as at 1919.

Surname Christian name Full Name Rank Regiment Address Service Number Survived
ABBOTT George William ABBOTT, George William Private 13th Middlesex Regt + Royal Defence Corps Hall End 11718 + 73277 Yes
ADAMS James ADAMS, James Private Army Service Corps ? ? Yes
ANSELL Walter Thomas ANSELL, Walter Thomas Private 7th Bedfordshire Regt Maulden 19803 No
ARNOLD Charles ARNOLD, Charles Private ? George Street 156169 Yes
ARNOLD William ARNOLD, William Corporal Royal Fusiliers ? ? Yes
ATKINS Alfred ATKINS, Alfred Corporal Army Service Corps George Inn S4/146988 Yes
BANDEE Walter BANDEE, Walter Private Bedfordshire Regt The Knoll ? Yes
BANDY Alfred BANDY, Alfred Private 1st Bedfordshire Regt George Street 32961 Yes
BASS Reginald James BASS, Reginald James ? RAF The Brache 2.6977 Yes
BEAL George BEAL, George Private 7th and 1st Bedfordshire Regt + Suffolk Regt Moor Lane 32962 + 44707 Yes
BECK C BECK, C Private ? ? ? Yes
BECKERWICH Moses BECKERWICH, Moses Lance Corporal 4th Middlesex Regt Mill Hill Barracks 13547 No
BILLINGHAM Charles BILLINGHAM, Charles Private ? Silsoe Road ? Yes
BILLINGHAM Frederick Arthur BILLINGHAM, Frederick Arthur Private Bedfordshire Regt + Labour Corps Silsoe Road 26558 + 207448 Yes
BILLINGTON Alexander BILLINGTON, Alexander Driver Signal Corps Royal Engineers The Brache 1640 + 528057 Yes
BILLINGTON John BILLINGTON, John Driver Royal Field Artillery Duck End 197330 Yes
BIRD Frederick Charles BIRD, Frederick Charles Lance Corporal 7th Company Royal Engineers The Moor 524305 + (T)2091 Yes
BLACKABY Frederick William BLACKABY, Frederick William Private 12th Cheshire Regt Ampthill Road 33818 Yes
BLACKABY G BLACKABY, G Private Bedfordshire ? ? Yes
BLACKABY P BLACKABY, P Private Bedfordshire ? ? Yes
BLAGG John BLAGG, John Private 6th Bedfordshire Regt Silsoe Road 4078 + 32103 Yes
BOXFORD Edgar John BOXFORD, Edgar John Private 1st Bedfordshire Regt Clophill Road 32013 Yes
BROWN Alec Charles BROWN, Alec Charles Lance Bombadier Royal Horse Artillery Duck End 159031 No
BROWN Archibald Frederick BROWN, Archibald Frederick ? Australian Forces Duck End ? Yes
BROWN Frederick Samuel BROWN, Frederick Samuel ? ? Duck End 510361 Yes
BROWN Reginald Francis BROWN, Reginald Francis Sergeant Grenadier Guards Duck End ? Yes
BRYANT Arthur William BRYANT, Arthur William Private 11th Essex Regt + Hertfordshire Regt The Brache 2213 +265338 No
BUNKER William Harold BUNKER, William Harold Private 10th Lincolnshire Regt + Hertfordshire Regt Duck End 40454 No
BURGOINE Herbert Joel BURGOINE, Herbert Joel Private Machine Gun Corps The Brache 180192 Yes
BURGOINE Wallace BURGOINE, Wallace Private Bedfordshire Yeomanry Snow Hill 30843 No
CHERRY William Charles CHERRY, William Charles Private Royal West Kents Ruxox Farm G/39166 Yes
COLE Alfred Ernest COLE, Alfred Ernest Private Northants + Suffolks + Northants Regts Flitwick Road 47260 + 41960 + 41769 Yes
COLE Edward James COLE, Edward James ? ? Flitwick Road 242054 Yes
COLE Ernest Samuel COLE, Ernest Samuel Private Bedfordshire Regt + ARS Snow Hill 22559 + T/364179 Yes
COLE Frederick COLE, Frederick Private 1st Bedfordshire Regt George Street 17970 Yes
COLE Reginald William COLE, Reginald William Private ? Snow Hill ? Yes
COLE William J COLE, William J Private Bedfordshire Regt + Irish Guards Flitwick Road 37067 + 14/41669 Yes
COPPERWHEAT John Herbert COPPERWHEAT, John Herbert Private Bedfordshire ? 25873 Yes
CREES Alec Charles CREES, Alec Charles Sapper Royal Engineers Water End 184426 Yes
DANIELS Alfred John DANIELS, Alfred John Private Training Reserve George Street 39918 Yes
DANIELS Charles DANIELS, Charles Private ? George Street R3914 Yes
DIGGINS Henry Thomas DIGGINS, Henry Thomas Private 4th Bedfordshire Regt Hall End 23246 No
DIGGINS Ernest George DIGGINS, Ernest George Private 1st Bedfordshire Regt Hall End 23332 No
DIGGINS Owen Alexander DIGGINS, Owen Alexander Acting Sergt King's Shropshire Light Infantry Hall End 31434 Yes
DUNCOMBE Francis A V DUNCOMBE, Francis A V Gunner Royal Garrison Artillery London 96382 No
DUNCOMBE Mervyn Eric Bryan DUNCOMBE, Mervyn Eric Bryan Private Army Service Corps Silsoe Road M2/103227 Yes
EDDY Seba EDDY, Seba Private 1st Bedfordshire Regt The Brache 22966 Yes
FARMER William Godfrey FARMER, William Godfrey Private Royal Sussex Regt + Labour Corps Ampthill Road 11222 + 552739 Yes
FISHER Arthur FISHER, Arthur Sergeant Bedfordshire Yeomanry Sleaford End 30618 Yes
FISHER Bertram FISHER, Bertram Private Hertfordshire Regt, attached to Machine Gun Corps Ampthill Road 66527 Yes
GILES Percival Wallace GILES, Percival Wallace Private ? Silsoe Road 63322 Yes
HARRIS Arthur HARRIS, Arthur Private Rifle Brigade Hall End ? Yes
HARRIS Percy HARRIS, Percy Private ? ? ? Yes
HEDGE Frederick Joseph HEDGE, Frederick Joseph Lance Corporal Oxford and Bucks Light Infantry Duck End 11932 No
HENMAN Robert HENMAN, Robert Private Bedfordshire Regt + Labour Corps Snow Hill 22985 + 201414 Yes
HILL Arthur George HILL, Arthur George Private Sussex Yeomanry + Northumberland Fusiliers Ampthill Road 170876 Yes
HILL Frederick HILL, Frederick National Reserves The Knoll 26776 Yes
HILL Herbert HILL, Herbert Sergeant 1st Bedfordshire Regt Ampthill Road 10196 Yes
HUCKLE Bruce William HUCKLE, Bruce William Lance Corporal 12th Lancers + Machine Gun Corps Hall End 5671 + 41889 Yes
HUCKLE Henry HUCKLE, Henry ? ? Hall End 29485 Yes
HUMPHRIES Cyril Charles HUMPHRIES, Cyril Charles Private Queen's Royal West Surrey Green End T/242286 Yes
IZZARD Herbert Stanley IZZARD, Herbert Stanley Trooper Bedfordshire Yeomanry Hall End 9716 Yes
IZZARD Horace Frederick IZZARD, Horace Frederick Private R.D.C. Hall End 26781 Yes
IZZARD Sidney Brydon IZZARD, Sidney Brydon Lance Corporal 4th Bedfordshire Regt Hall End 22967 No
IZZARD Walter Thomas IZZARD, Walter Thomas Private Northamptonshire Regt Hall End 59446 Yes
JONES H J JONES, H J Driver Royal Field Artillery ? ? Yes
JOY Edward JOY, Edward Corporal 19th Bn, R.D.C. The Brache 29430 Yes
KEALEY Owen Fred KEALEY, Owen Fred Private 9th Lancers Hall End L/5667 Yes
KEALEY Spencer John KEALEY, Spencer John Seaman HMS Dolpin (Submarines) Hall End 228338 Yes
KEMPSON George William KEMPSON, George William Private 2nd Bedfordshire Regt + Labour Corps Snow Hill 3/6919 + 241132 Yes
KEMPSON William KEMPSON, William Private Suffolk Regt Snow Hill 46761 Yes
KILBY J KILBY, J Lance Corporal ? Hall End ? Yes
KING Philip Wallace KING, Philip Wallace Driver RA + ASC + Royal Engineers The Brache 52617 or 920080 + M/397941 Yes
KING Walter Joseph KING, Walter Joseph Corporal Army Service Corps The Brache M2/1041089 Yes
KING William KING, William Private Machine Gun Corps The Brache 126452 Yes
KIRBY Alfred Edwin KIRBY, Alfred Edwin Private 10th South Wales Borderers George Street 40372 No
KIRBY Edgar Charles KIRBY, Edgar Charles Private 1st Lincolnshire Regt + Bedfordshire Regt Black Horse 51645 No
KIRBY Frederick Edgar KIRBY, Frederick Edgar Private 2nd Cheshire Regt George Street 33889 Yes
KIRBY Ted KIRBY, Ted Private Bedfordshire Regt ? ? Yes
LOBB Hedley LOBB, Hedley Driver Royal Field Artillery Hall End 1240 + 820887 + 286836 Yes
LOVELL Frederick Pattison LOVELL, Frederick Pattison Bombadier Royal Field Artillery Duck End 83346 Yes
NEWBURY Frank John NEWBURY, Frank John Driver Royal Engineers The Knoll 2140 + 528133 Yes
NEWMAN A NEWMAN, A Sapper Royal Engineers ? ? Yes
NEWMAN Charles NEWMAN, Charles Private 2nd Bedfordshire Regt The Knoll 17773 No
NORTHWOOD Alfred William NORTHWOOD, Alfred William Driver 7th Cavalry Field Ambulance + Army Service Corps The Brache TS/711 Yes
NORTHWOOD Charles William NORTHWOOD, Charles William Private 1st Bedfordshire Regt Snow Hill 17834 No
NORTHWOOD Frank NORTHWOOD, Frank Private Royal Fusiliers , Middlesex Regt, Labour Corps + RE Flitwick Road 54070 + 70608 + 64489 + 363489 Yes
NORTHWOOD Frederick NORTHWOOD, Frederick Private 10th Hampshire Regt Duck End 20120 Yes
NORTHWOOD George NORTHWOOD, George Private Home Defence Corps George Street 507291 Yes
NORTHWOOD John NORTHWOOD, John Private Wiltshire Regt The Brache 11920 + 226399 Yes
NORTHWOOD S NORTHWOOD, S Carpenter Employed by Army ? ? Yes
ODELL Percy William ODELL, Percy William Private Kings Royal Rifle Corps George Street A205120 Yes
OLIVER Charles William OLIVER, Charles William Private 16th Middlesex Regt Snow Hill G/28124 No
OLIVER George Thomas OLIVER, George Thomas Private Army Vet. Corps George Street SE16451 Yes
OSBORNE Richard Horace OSBORNE, Richard Horace Sergeant 24th Battery Rifle Brigade Silsoe Road 653 + 206728 Yes
PAGE James PAGE, James Private 9th/11th London Regts, 3rd Suffolk Regt + RE George Street 7251 + 5796 + 40804 + WR/347873 Yes
PALMER Archibald PALMER, Archibald Driver Royal Engineers Green End 522753 + 2583 Yes
PALMER Charles William PALMER, Charles William Private 17th Lancers Green End L/5670 Yes
PALMER Francis John PALMER, Francis John Sergeant 4th Bedfordshire Regt Snow Hill 23602 No
PARKER Charles PARKER, Charles Private 432 Ag. Co, Labour Corps Flitwick Road 68639 Yes
PATTINSON Joseph PATTINSON, Joseph Gunner Royal Field Artillery 3rd Batt. 56th Brigade Green End 154500 Yes
PEAT David PEAT, David Private Loyal North Lancashire Regt Ampthill Road 26089 Yes
PEAT Horace William PEAT, Horace William Private 1st/5th Bedfordshire Regt + RAF Maulden Cottage 2917 + 403902 Yes
POWELL Frank Henry POWELL, Frank Henry Corporal Royal Engineers Signal Service The Pines 182239 Yes
PRESSLAND Arthur Frederick PRESSLAND, Arthur Frederick 3rd Bedfordshire Regt Hall End 37076 Yes
RICHARDSON Andrew RICHARDSON, Andrew Private Bedfordshire Regt + Labour Corps The Moor 26769 + 509637 Yes
RICHARDSON George RICHARDSON, George Private Machine Gun Corps Silsoe Road 81334 Yes
RICHARDSON Joseph RICHARDSON, Joseph Private Bedfordshire Regt The Moor 26763 Yes
RICHARDSON William RICHARDSON, William Private Royal Army Medical Corps George Street ? Yes
ROBINSON Walter ROBINSON, Walter Corporal Machine Gun Corps ? ? Yes
ROGERS Herbert ROGERS, Herbert Sergeant Royal Engineers ? ? Yes
ROYSTON Basil Drage ROYSTON, Basil Drage 2nd Lieutenant Royal Garrison Artillery Great Farm No service number given No
ROYSTON Clifford Fairbairn ROYSTON, Clifford Fairbairn Captain Royal Field Artillery Great Farm 2/104 Yes
ROYSTON Norman ROYSTON, Norman Lieutenant Royal Air Force Great Farm 40820 No
ROYSTON Richard Cuthbert ROYSTON, Richard Cuthbert Private Canadian Scottish Great Farm 29015 Yes
SADLER Albert SADLER, Albert Private Northamptonshire Regt ? ? Yes
SAMPSON Percy George SAMPSON, Percy George Private 10th London Regt Duck End 423573 Yes
SAUNDERS E SAUNDERS, E Private Bedfordshire Regt ? ? Yes
SHARP Arthur SHARP, Arthur Private Bedfordshire Regt + Welsh Regt Sleaford End 31728 + 55267 Yes
SHARP Cyril Charles SHARP, Cyril Charles Private Seaforth Highlanders Church Close 2693 + 200668 Yes
SHARP George SHARP, George Sapper Royal Engineers ? ? Yes
SHARP George SHARP, George Sergeant Grenadier Guards ? ? Yes
SHARP Herbert Wesley SHARP, Herbert Wesley Private 53rd Bedfordshire Regt Church Close TR/9/48080 No
SHARP John Charles SHARP, John Charles Private 4th South Wales Borderers Hall End 12140 Yes
SHARP Leonard A SHARP, Leonard A Private Royal Sussex Regt + Royal Fusiliers The Brache 22104 + GS/75379 Yes
SHARP Sydney SHARP, Sydney Corporal W C. and Labour Corps Silsoe Road 158745 Yes
SHARP Sidney SHARP, Sidney Private Queen's Royal West Surrey and Labour Corps George Street 81255 + 443643 Yes
SHARP Frank SHARP, Frank Private ? The Brache ? Yes
SHOTBOLT Frank SHOTBOLT, Frank Sergeant 69th (E.A.) Div. Sig Co. Snow Hill 528291 Yes
SHOTBOLT Reginald SHOTBOLT, Reginald Sergeant Royal Engineers Snow Hill 166117 Yes
SIMPKINS Ernest SIMPKINS, Ernest Petty Officer Royal Navy George Street K.1691 Yes
SIMMS C SIMMS, C Sergeant ? ? ? Yes
SINFIELD Alfred John SINFIELD, Alfred John Private 2nd Bedfordshire Regt + 3rd/5th Bedfordshire Regt Ampthill Road ? Yes
SINFIELD Arthur Victor SINFIELD, Arthur Victor Private East Kent Regt + The Queens Regt Ampthill Road G/25942 + G/79327 Yes
SINFIELD Harry SINFIELD, Harry Private Army Service Corps ? T4/107759 Yes
SMITH Philip Reginald SMITH, Philip Reginald Lance Corporal Bedfordshire Regt George Street 33092 Yes
SQUIRES George SQUIRES, George Private The Queen's Regt (West Surrey) + Labour Corps + ASC Duck End 7/2761 + 81416 + T/455226 Yes
STANBRIDGE Alfred STANBRIDGE, Alfred Private 1st/5th Bedfordshire Regt The Brache 203151 No
STANBRIDGE Harry STANBRIDGE, Harry Private 8th Bedfordshire Regt + Labour Corps George Street 20257 + 372998 Yes
STANFORD Reuben STANFORD, Reuben Private Army Service Corps Ampthill Road RX4/233943 Yes
STANFORD Walter STANFORD, Walter Private Machine Gun Corps Snow Hill 85397 Yes
SUMMERFIELD Arthur Thomas SUMMERFIELD, Arthur Thomas Stoker Minesweepers Snow Hill ? Yes
SUMMERFIELD Harold SUMMERFIELD, Harold Sergeant Yorkshire Yeomanry Moor Lane 50432 Yes
SUMMERFIELD Sidney John SUMMERFIELD, Sidney John Private Fusiliers RFC The Brache 133948 Yes
SUMMERFIELD William Alfred SUMMERFIELD, William Alfred Private 6th Northamptonshire Regt Ampthill Road 59451 No
SUMMERFIELD Wilfred SUMMERFIELD, Wilfred Private Bedfordshire Regt Snow Hill 19325 Yes
TAYLOR Albert Neville TAYLOR, Albert Neville Sapper Royal Engineers Snow Hill 78848 Yes
TAYLOR Aleck TAYLOR, Aleck Private 18th Middlesex London 809 No
TAYLOR Alfred TAYLOR, Alfred Private Royal West Kent Regt Knoll Lane ? Yes
TAYLOR George TAYLOR, George Private Bedfordshire Regt Knoll Lane 30325 Yes
TAYLOR Harvey TAYLOR, Harvey Private Middlesex Regt London TF/263045 No
TAYLOR Joseph TAYLOR, Joseph Private Manchester Regt, Lancashire Fusiliers, Northumberland King's Farm 13122 + 23727 + 60168 + Yes
Continued Continued, Fusiliers, Labour Corps + Royal Engineers 601067 + 362440 Yes
TAYLOR William Lionel D TAYLOR, William Lionel D Private RAF The Knoll 130820 Yes
THOMPSON Herbert THOMPSON, Herbert Private Northamptonshire Regt Maulden Rectory ? Yes
WALPOLE Harry Frederick WALPOLE, Harry Frederick Private 1st Lincolnshire Regt Dog and Badger 51981 No
WARD Harry WARD, Harry Private East Kent Regt + Beds and Herts Regt Moor Lane 58813 Yes
WILLMER Alfred Frederick WILLMER, Alfred Frederick Private 2nd Bedfordshire Regt George Street 17770 Yes
WILLMER George William WILLMER, George William Gunner Royal Field Artillery George Street ? Yes
WILLMER Sidney William WILLMER, Sidney William Private Bedfordshire and Essex Regts George Street 29854 + 40940 Yes
WILLMER Walter Ernest WILLMER, Walter Ernest Lance Corporal Rifle Brigade George Street S/11792 No
WOODCRAFT Ernest James WOODCRAFT, Ernest James Private East Kent Regt + The Queen's Regt (West Surrey) Moor Lane G/25952 + G/79340 Yes
WOODWARD William WOODWARD, William Private ? Silsoe Road ? Yes
WRIGHT Frank WRIGHT, Frank Sergeant 10th Sherwood Foresters Silsoe Road 15350 Yes
YOUNG Ernest William YOUNG, Ernest William Ordinary Seaman Royal Navy Riverdene J81852 No
YOUNG Frank Reginald YOUNG, Frank Reginald Private Bedfordshire Yeomanry Hall End 2427 + 31154 Yes

Roll of Honour

At moments like this, it is also respectful that we also bear in mind those who did not survive WW1 and those who lost relatives and friends in The Great War.  For them, the Maulden Roll of Honour is linked to the war memorial and is online


They gave their lives for us, and our freedom.