Maulden and its Environment

Greensand Ridge Path

Maulden sits in a wonderful environment, not just the active human community and agricultural area, but the woods and footpaths around it, including the nationally important Greensand Ridge footpath which runs for around 38 miles with Maulden more or less in the middle of it.


Church Meadow

Church Meadow is an SSSI, and while small has an incredible richness of flora and fauna (if you get close enough to see it). The site is actively managed by a trust for diversity, and remains the ‘gateway’ to Maulden Woods for many people.

Maulden Church Meadow SSSI

Maulden Woods

Maulden Woods are an ancient woodland with lots of amenity. Also containing an SSSI area, the woods are actively managed for biodiversity and for timber production. They contain long fire roads and meandering footpaths, and the sudden change from softwood to mixed hardwood to open heath as you walk through is a delight at any time of year.

Maulden Woods Dark Area

There are several volunteer groups in the area who help maintain amenity and biological reserve areas.

Duck End Nature Reserve

One such group maintains the Duck End Nature Reserve at the bottom of Moor Lane. This reserve contains the remains of Maulden Moor, which was drained and turned over to agriculture and peat cutting in the 19th century. It now comprises a mixture of grassland, scrub, marsh, man-made ponds and a spring feeding an irrigation pond. It is a valuable wet habitat now rare in Bedfordshire.

Environment - Duck End Nature Reserve Maulden

Duck End Nature Reserve Maulden - Maulden Environment

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