Local Policing for Maulden – keeping us safe, being safe

Maulden Local Policing

Local Policing is at the heart of everything that Bedfordshire Police does to Fight Crime and Protect the Public. We have enjoyed considerable successes in driving down recorded crime levels across Bedfordshire whilst making significant improvements to the amount of crime that we detect.

The Local Policing Command incorporates our Crime Reduction Partnerships, the First Contact, the Response 24/7 and the Special Constabulary.

Our fight against criminality and anti-social behaviour will see us actively target those in the community who cause the most harm and distress. We will maintain a geographic footprint across the county with teams of Police officers and Community officers working closely together to solve the issues of concern at a local level.

Key objectives of the Local Policing Team are:

  • Reducing levels of priority crime in the area particularly where the relevant crimes are prevalent
  • Engaging with the public and dealing with sustained anti-social behaviour which seriously undermines the quality of life locally
  • Gathering intelligence to help identify threats including prolific offenders, vulnerable victims and localities
  • Targeting and disrupting prolific offenders and organised criminal gangs living in the area
  • Commissioning services into a ‘place’ based on threat, risk, harm and vulnerability

Neighbourhood Watch and Streetwatch are powerful tools that can make a real difference to quality of life issues and both will help us in achieving the aims set out above.  Bedfordshire Police, and my team, are committed to working with you to achieve these goals together.   I was really impressed by the level of enthusiasm and commitment from the community to work with us and each other.

In order to help us build up a clearer picture of where crime is occurring I would encourage all residents in Maulden to report any crimes committed. It is also important for members of the public to report any suspicious incidents to us at the time they are occurring by use of 101 or 999 in an emergency. By doing so, you will be helping us to use our resources more effectively.

Sgt Clare Thomas

Bedfordshire Crime Reduction

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